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What is Hallmarking?

What is a Hallmark?

Every piece you see on my website is sent to the Assay Office in Dublin Castle for Hallmarking. For me it is essential that all pieces are hallmarked displaying the purity of the metals and with the Aud makers mark. That way you are guaranteed the metal you are buying!

Check out what to look for on your pieces.

Aud Hallmark on the At Piece pendant
  1. My makers mark, ABC, Audrey Bernadine Corrigan
  2. The assay mark next to this
  3. The metal purity. This pendant is sterling silver, 925

What does Assay mean?

The testing and assessing of metal by scientists to determine its ingredients and quality.

What is a Hallmark?

A mark stamped on metals by the Irish Assay Office certifying their standard of purity. 

Why is it Important?

A Hallmark guarantees that you are getting the purity of metal you are buying. 

How it’s Done

A sample of metal (usually from off cuts) and jewellery pieces are sent to Dublin Castle. The sample is tested for its purity by a qualified scientist. Once the test is positive for stated purity the pieces then go to the hallmarking room. Hallmarks can be punched with a stainless steel punch or laser engraved by an engraving machine. 

Hallmarking punches